Betting On Your Website Design – Website Design Ireland

Betting On Your Website Design – Website Design Ireland

The explosion in the growth of online business has seen the development of close on 2 billion websites, with around 200 million of these being active.

As a result, business models are being challenged by evolving market and consumer trends and companies are being forced into the online commercial world.

The migration to online consumption has directly affected the world of gaming and sports betting expects a growth of close on 10% over the next five years. This is driven mainly by the growth in usage of mobile devices for online gaming and betting.

Having a high-quality website, designed by expert developers like cheap web design Ireland has become a per-requisite for any business that hopes to be competitive in their respective market.


Web Design Front End

For users, the front end is where the action happens. This is what your user sees and experiences when interacting on your website and eCommerce web design are the popular choice now a days especially in this pandemic as people prefer to buy online to save themselves from COVID-19

The overall user-experience is what will ensure visitors to your website. The trick is to keep them there long enough to take action, in this case by placing a bet. Naturally, you’ll also want users to return to the site in future.

As with any website the visual design should reflect your brand image and personality. Make it cheap and cluttered looking and chances are that potential users will not trust your site.

Interaction on the site should be quick and easy and actions like placing a bet or making a payment should be seamless and hassle-free.

Betting On Your Website Design – Website Design Ireland

Back End Web Designing

This is where the site is administered and where all bets and transactions are handled. A well-designed back end affects the owner’s ability to run a profitable and successful site and ensures confidentiality and security for the user.

There must be a guarantee of security for both personal information and for the deposit of money on bets and users should be able to track games and results, responsive web design is another factor that now many people would like to have on websites, as people browse website on desktop and on mobile devices, if the website is responsive and it will fit on many mobile devices it gives user a great user experience.learn more about software development trends of 2020 at

A website hosted on a good server will also increase the response time of the site and good web hosting services guarantee hundred percent uptime of a website, because in case your website has not hundred percent uptime you can lose many customers especially if you have betting site.


Software is where the focus lies in achieving differentiation from competitors and a user-friendly experience. There are a few criteria by which users judge their overall online experience and which you will need to consider:

Consistent User-experience

This entails keeping the user-experience consistent on whatever platforms you choose to include in your online gambling offering.

Whether visiting your website on desktop or mobile, making bets on your App, or placing them via SMS, users must experience the same brand image and level of service.

Culture of Responsibility

As a gaming company it is important to reflect a culture of responsibility in your advertising and communications and this includes your website.

By emphasizing factors such as age restrictions, responsible gambling and betting limits, you will increase the likelihood that users will trust your brand.

It is a good idea to publish your Responsible Gambling Policy on-site as well.

Dynamic Management System

When working with a website developer like Website Design Ireland it is important to clearly communicate the degree of customization (bells and whistles) required.

Remember that while you want to achieve a great user experience, you also want the interaction to be smooth and uncluttered by unnecessary features.

Take care to plan and to budget for future growth and to ensure that your management system can be improved and further developed as you grow.

Top-notch Security for Payments

Nothing will destroy your gaming platform faster, than if your payment system is compromised by someone. Users expect the payment system to be seamless across all platforms, but they take it for granted that interactions regarding money are secure.

A secure payment portal and various options, backed by credible institutions, are the prerequisite.


The majority of users now interact online using mobile Apps and investing in a quality mobile App is a no brainer if you want to attract the most users and grow your online business, business web designers in your area can help you in designing the business website that is secure and interactive.

Developing a mobile version of your website takes expertise and you should not skimp on budget here. Using a credible developer like Ireland Website Designer will ensure that your App is user-friendly, fast, capable and secure, check out one of the best Ireland Website Designers and developers by clicking here

When looking for a new developer it is worth ensuring that your supplier has a sound understanding of both the gambling market and the target market that you will be aiming to attract.


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